Sojourn Church is involved in two distinct networks with two distinct purposes.

The Transformation Network is a voluntary association of local churches committed to the transformation of the Northwest Metro Area. The primary strategy employed by the Network to accomplish this vision is through Church Planting. Our desire is to launch 20 like-minded, different-looking churches in this geographic area in the next 10 years.

Currently, the Network is in the formative stage with six participating local churches - Sojourn, Stonebridge ChurchRiverstone, RiverCity, ARISE:Life, and Vintage 242. Sojourn was planted out of RiverStone in August of 2012, and together these six sister churches are working towards the vision of community transformation. This is a relational network that meets and encourages one another through the rigors of church planting.

The goal of Acts 29 US Southeast is to grow to 200 church-planting churches by 2020. To do this, we want to provide structure in order to create a culture where churches can plant churches. Acts 29 Southeast is one of 11 Networks that make up the diverse, global family of Acts 29

The US Southeast Network is built on 4 program initiatives: Assessment, Coaching, Training, & Support.