Hello again! It’s time again to send another update in our search for a new facility! First, thank you all for your patience. We know these updates have lacked the specific details that you are wanting. Just know that as soon as we are able to communicate the details, we will do so. For now, know that we are working hard discerning where the Lord is leading Sojourn for this next season, and we have seen some tremendous opportunities open up in even the past month. Thank you so much for your prayers! Be encouraged that the Lord hears them and is answering them.

In our last post we had mentioned that we were searching out every available opportunity. The Lord has been faithful to whittle down our list to a few very viable options. We cannot go into detail at this point, but know that we are having ongoing conversations, some of which are fairly important and are taking place in the next two weeks. These could lead to some very exciting opportunities. I know, I know… You are thinking, “But what opportunities!” Trust us and know that as soon as we can share, we will!!

In the meantime, continue to pray for clarity and wisdom, for the Lord to shut doors that need to be shut and continue to open doors as He guides us. Pray over the next two weeks for these coming meetings. We are trusting God to build His church for the glory and fame of His Son Jesus in East Cobb.