How would you like to take something off your December to-do list? If you don't want to bring or make something for the Sojourn Christmas Party - have we got a deal for you. For $5/per person- we'll do all the shopping and prep work for you! Still want to show off your culinary talents? We need appetizers and were hosting a dessert bake-off!.

Please RSVP HERE. you can sign up for an appetizer or dessert, or simply let us know you're coming and how many children you will have with you. Childcare WILL be provided, but must be signed up for by 11/26! Please sign up for childcare . Childcare cost will be $5/child or $8/family and you can pay for childcare and towards food on the night of the event.

Also, we will need a few panini press's for this event, if you have one that we could borrow, please let Veronica Tompkins know ASAP. Thanks!