I am a father of two little dudes. One is 5, the other is 8 months. When I tell my oldest son to clean up his legos, what I am asking is for him to stop what he is doing and, well, clean up his legos. I am not looking for him to consider the length of my question or to consider where punctuation should go. I don’t want him to memorize the question I asked or to learn how to say it in German. I just want him to do what I asked. Nothing more. Nothing less.

This past Sunday at Sojourn we considered a similar subject. As followers of Jesus, we can find ourselves good at knowing what Jesus is leading us to obey, without actually following through with what he said. We can become professional hearers without actually doing what He has said.

The reasons why we don’t follow through are endless. Whether it is our dependence to our smartphone, the consistent narrative of living an over functioning life, or the pressure to busy ourselves every minute of every day. These reasons, among many others, can lead us to live lives that are good at listening to Jesus but are slow to follow through with obedience. 

What I find intriguing is that these excuses didn’t begin in the 21st century.  James, the bold little brother of Jesus, wrote a book to believers in the 1st century. These believers also dealt with distractions and the difficulty to follow through with what Jesus said.

In James 1, James challenges the believers who will read what he is writing to not just be hearers but doers.

" But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." James 1:22

James says that it is not enough to just know information. To live the life Jesus is inviting us to live we must allow what we know to impact how we live. A life of joy and freedom is found by walking our what it looks like to follow Jesus. When we misstep, we reset on his grace and keep going. 

As we enter into this holy week, the most beautiful week of the year on the Christian calendar, I find it helpful to consider where Jesus may be challenging us follow through. Over the past few weeks, we have been challenged to consider two areas in our lives that I want to consider as I close:

What am I believing God to do in my life in this season? https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/comfort-vs-faith/id1132865678?i=1000383151036&mt=2

Where can I be a blessing to others in this season? https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hoarding-vs-blessing/id1132865678?i=1000383562810&mt=2

I invite all of you, including myself, to pull away from distractions and consider how Jesus may be inviting you into action these upcoming weeks.