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ListenThe Implications of the Incarnation
(1 Timothy 1:15)

I. Advent is a time where we celebrate the 1st coming of Jesus
II. 1 Timothy 1:15
       A. "The saying is trustworthy and deserving full acceptance"
            1. What Paul is about to lay out is something we can trust
            2. It is ok to be skeptical, but allow your skepticism to come from who Jesus is and not random controversial issues that are secondary in the Bible.
            3. If He isn’t who He said He is, who cares what the Bible says, but He is is who He said then we have to take His teachings seriously
       B. "Christ Jesus came into the world"
            1. It is a universal claim that Jesus came into the world
            2. It is the way that Jesus came into the world that is baffling
       C. "to save sinners"
            1. According to the Bible, the primary way to define sin is not just the doing of bad things, but the making of good things into ultimate things. - Tim Keller
       D. "of whom I am the foremost"
            1. When we see the Christmas story as an indictment to us, it then will become a delight to us. - John Piper


All in All, Dennis Jernigan
Great is Thy Faithfulness, Thomas Obediah Chisholm
Joy to the World, Isaac Watts
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Helen H. Lemmel
You Never Let Go, Matt Redman

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