For the past few years, I have grown increasingly more unsatisfied with how I celebrate Christmas. I was putting my focus on all of the wrong things and would find myself experiencing the infamous ‘christmas hangover’ every year as January rolled around. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about christmas music, baking cookies and giving gifts to those I love. However, as our little family grows and I now am responsible to teach my children as best I can about what is important in life, I am making some changes in my priorities.

Here are a few suggestions for you on how you and your family can celebrate Advent together.

1. Jesse Tree: I have been very influenced by Ann Voskamp and how she approaches celebrating Christmas. We are using her book, ‘The Greatest Gift’ as a daily devotional for advent, and using a christmas tree (Jesse Tree) to hang ornaments that correlate with each devotional (instructions for this are included in the book)

PS. I read an article she wrote on her blog a few years ago about involving her children in giving to those in need, which really opened my eyes to a new perspective.

2. We’ve been a fan of the Jesus Storybook Bible for a while now, and I was really excited when I found this guide to use this book for Advent. There are 25 days of stories to read with your children.

3. We’re using a child-friendly nativity set to teach our 2 1/2 yr old about the story of Jesus’ coming. I love this one (which I am making) because it is wooden, thick and durable and will stand the test of a toddler!